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Head Coach: Chazzy Cheung

This is Chazzy’s forth year at ITVC and she is very excited to start the new club season. Chazzy has coached Thunder Beach for the past 2 summers and is was the assistant coach for the varsity team at Lindbergh High school. Chazzy has a great passion for the game and loves learning new things. She believes that teamwork is very important and that learning to work together as a team is crucial for success as a team. She believes that your attitude will affect the play of the game and so she encourages the athletes to maintain a positive attitude and to believe in themselves and their teammates.

Chazzy played basketball and lacrosse in high school, and is currently playing in both indoor and beach volleyball recreational leagues. She loves playing sports and has stayed active all throughout her life, and believes that health and fitness is very important. Chazzy volunteered at the Boys and Girls Club in Lihue, Hawaii, where she helped kids with their homework and helped teach kids how important it is to work hard, be respectful of others, and to have good sportsmanship in the activities that they participated in.

Assistant Coach: Jenny Li

Jenny is excited for the upcoming season coaching ITVC . Last year, she assisted on the 16 Blue and 2016 with 16 Black team. In 2015, she assisted 17 Black, as well as part-time assisted at The Overlake School, and in 2014 assisted with 13 Black. She enjoys drilling down on offensive and blocking technique and strategy, as well as promoting the importance of strength and conditioning in overall sports performance. Her favorite aspect of volleyball is how beautiful the game is when a team plays well together, like a well-oiled machine. 

Jenny started playing volleyball just before high school. She played middle throughout high school, playing on varsity for 3 years, and then attended MIT where she played for 4 years, joining the 1000 kill club during her time there. Early in her collegiate career, she switched to outside hitter and never looked back. She helped out with the women's program during preseason for two more seasons, before moving out west for a full-time job as a software developer.

Jenny enjoys playing all styles of volleyball, from reverse 4s to grass and beach doubles. She is IMPACT certified for both indoor and beach volleyball.