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Jen is the director of ITVC’s indoor club and is the founder of their beach club program, Thunder Beach.  She played and coached at the University of San Diego, where she was named the West Coast Conference Player of the Year.  She has played professionally both indoors and on the beach on the following tours: WPVA, 4’s BL Pro Beach Tour, NVA, MPVA, and the USPV, as well as being the captain for the Puget Sound Region’s PVL team in 2012. She was on the Gold Medal teams for the East team at the Olympic Festival and the 2000 USPV Millennium Cup. Jen was the tour MVP for the MPVA and the team captain of the USPV team.

She has coached all levels of volleyball from Little Spikers, to 3 high school programs, 5 different clubs, 3 different Division 1 college programs and loves to share her passion and knowledge for the game that has been her life's work. Jen loves being a part of the ITVC Family and looks forward to continuing to keep the club at a high level of competitiveness while she is at the helm. Currently Jen contributes at the USA VB Regional level here in the Puget Sound both as the High Performance Head Beach Coach,  and has coached High Performance indoor camps as well.  She was asked in 2014 to help UW get the sand program off the ground as they started their first beach season, helped lead them to an 8-0 2015 season and will continue as an assistant coach for the 2017 season. She is IMPACT certified in both beach and indoor and is Beach CAP certified.

Jen will coach 12Black ,15Black and 16 Black this 2018 season.

12 Black Jen, Emilia, Scott

13 Black Kaylia, Logan

13 Blue Eugene, Josh

14 Black Chazzy, Jenny Li

14 Blue Ryan, Alex

15 Black Caine, Jen, Minh

15 Blue Johanna, Sara

16 Black Jen, Lauren, Matthew

16 Blue Lucy, Cecelia

17 Black Ed, Clare

18 Black Steven, Blissa

Roaming coaches: Kyla